If you’re interested in purchasing a Gravitas Drift Boat than you’ve reached the right page.
   You’re probably asking, “What’s the first step to purchasing a boat?”   Occasionally, I have a completed boat that’s not spoken for.  In these instances, the boat will be available for purchase.  However, the vast majority of my boats are commissioned builds. The process for this starts with a conversation on what you want in a boat, what that boats primary use will be, and what type of rivers you float.  This is an important conversation because there’s no point in building you a skiff if you spend most of your time running big waves/water, and there’s no logic in building a high sided hull if you spend most of your time fishing on the notoriously windy and flat water of the Missouri River.  This is the beauty of commissioning a custom-built boat, the boat is designed specifically for you and your needs.  Details such as length, color, accessories, and trailer needs will also be discussed.  Once all the details are hammered out, your build will begin.
   I typically build two boats at a time depending on complexity.  Any more than two boats at a time, and details can be missed.  I promise, I won’t compromise the integrity of your boat build by overextending myself.  Like most custom builders, regardless of what’s being built, I give you a general timeframe as to when your boat will be completed.  This timeframe is not set in stone. With any custom-built project, you have to be flexible with the timeframe because custom work can be slow work.  I don’t have control over material availability, epoxy cure time, sanding time, paint drying, trailer production time, etc.  Also, I’ve found that 99% of mistakes are made when rushing.  So, I won’t rush your project, and then waste time repairing mistakes.  I promise your patience and flexibility during the build process will be well worth it when you pick up your new boat.
Order of Payment:
   Boats are built in the order of received requests. On occasion, you may encounter a waiting list.   If so, a $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your boat build. This deposit will be applied to the cost of the boat once your build has begun.  If there’s no waiting list your build can start immediately, and 50% of the agreed upon cost will be due up front. This enables me to buy materials for your boat and get to work.
   A trailer payment will be due a month or two before your boats completion.  I proudly use Adams MFG out of Shelley, Idaho.  As they are also a supplier to ClackaCraft, a wait may exist.  Hence the reason for a “month or two.”
   Final payment is required upon completion of your boat build.  Final payment is expected once your boat is finished, but you can pick up your new boat at your convenience.