The mission of Gravitas Drift Boats is to provide you with a custom made boat that is both beautiful in appearance and highly functional on the water.


Creating beautiful boats that are enjoyable to spend time in is a given.  When I enter the shop each day my vision and goal is to create a boat that is also highly adjustable for whatever situation you may find yourself in.


Gravitas Drift Boats started with one man working in a small shop.  Very little has changed.  I typically work on only two boats at any given time allowing me to focus on quality as opposed to quantity.


Welcome to Gravitas Drift Boats! 

   When shopping for a new drift boat I understand that you have several manufacturers and materials to choose from.  Some of these have stood the test of time, while others have not.  The bottom line is that you simply cannot go wrong with purchasing a custom handcrafted wooden drift boat that was designed and built to meet your specific needs. Your beautiful Gravitas Drift Boat will turn heads at the boat launch and make you the envy of everyone you know.  Best of all, with a little care, your Gravitas Drift Boat will provide you with many years of pleasure and be built well enough to pass down to the next generation.

   I hope you find this website answers all of your questions on why you should purchase a Gravitas Drift Boat.  Please have a look around, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me through the “Get In Touch” link above.



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